Financing designed to fit your business

Fast, simple applications

Our simple online application has no impact on your credit score. Just tell

us about your business and link your accounts to get your offer.

Apply online

Apply online in under 10 minutes.

Link your Amazon account

Link your Amazon account and securely connect your business bank account

e-sign the agreement

Review and accept your offer then e-sign the agreement


Funds arrive in your bank account within 48 hours

Payments That Fit Your Business

We show you exactly how much you’ll pay – no hidden charges or interest

payments that can spiral out of control.

One Flat Fee

One Flat Fee

You’ll pay one flat fee, based on how much you borrow. It’s not an interest rate, it’s a percentage of your funding known as the “factor rate”. Unlike interest-rate based loans, which will rack up mountains of interest if you fall behind.

Flexible Payments

Flexible Payments

Never worry about making payments again! We deduct an affordable portion of your Gross Amazon Revenue, so you can pay on time and still have enough left to pay other bills. Pay when you sell.

Stress Free Scheduling

Stress Free Scheduling

Worried about payment deadlines? Payments are automatically made on your schedule, so you’ll never be short on cash.


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